Oh, Give Thanks to the Lord!

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Welcome to New Port Presbyterian Church Worship Service for April 19. Before we begin, please gather some things. First, grab your Bibles. We will be in Psalm 107. Second, download or make print-outs of our Worship Bulletin which has an order of service and music/lyrics you can follow. Once you have these, follow the order of service. We have posted music and service videos as a YouTube Playlist. If you click on the video of Linda below, you will automatically be taken through a number of videos, including those of Linda leading us in two songs and then the worship service. Beneath the Youtube playlist in this post, we’ve also included the podcast audio version of the sermon if you prefer that. God bless you! We’re praying for our church family!

If this is your first time with us or if you have questions about the faith, this service, or our church, we would appreciate it if you take a minute to send us a message so we can touch base with you. You can send a message to Pastor Darrell at jungdarrell@gmail.com or our church at contact@newportpca.org. Thank you!

During this uncertain time, we might struggle to feel thankful. We can be blessed by the study of Psalm 107 where we are reminded that those who are redeemed of the Lord should give thanks to Him and proclaim His goodness. We can give thanks to the Lord because He is the God who hears us; He is the God who saves us; and He is the God who loves us with an enduring, covenantal, steadfast love.

Choose a version of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” from Youtube for the closing hymn